Accept paymentS

Accept payments from VISA / MasterCard to your account in any place convenient for you and on any device. Quick, easy, safe, convenient!

Accepting payment is easier than ever

Accept payments anywhere, on any device! It is fast, easy, safe and convenient!

no contract needed

There is no need to conclude an agreement with a payment system! We will do everything for you!


Control the receipt of funds in your personal account of the seller! On any device from anywhere in the world!

Withdraw funds in any way

You can withdraw funds from your account in any way convenient for you: to a bank account, to a card, in cash!

Easy to use

Just show the customer a QR code or give a link to pay! The client will be able to make a payment from a mobile or PC.

How much is it?

One rate for everyone! No hidden fees or charges!

5% from each operation

For whom is it?

Selling a
product or service

Accept payment for your goods or services anywhere: at a point of sale, on the Internet, during on-site trading!

for the project

ur system will take care of raising funds for your project! Just specify in the settings of your payment form the item "Free payment amount"

for Charity

We help charitable foundations!
We work with the BlagoKent charity foundation!



Create a payment form, indicating what you want to accept payment for.

Step 2. Give a link to the form to the client

Give a link to the payment form to your client, or show a QR code.

Step 3. Wait for payment

As soon as the client pays for your product or service, you will see it in your personal account

Step 4. Withdraw funds

Withdraw funds received from customers in a way convenient for you (card, cash, bank)

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